History of National Football League

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National football league stands for NFL, which was a professional organization about football in the America. It was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio under management of Jim Thorpe. The truth that he was also a player in the first league. But until 1922, Jim Thorpe was accepted as a president.

As soon as the NFL launching, it started the first tournament in 1920 with joining of 5 teams from Ohio, 4 teams from Illinois, 2 teams from Indiana, 2 teams from New York and one team from Michigan. Total had 14 teams. After the first successful event, there were some franchise among teams to collect the best footballers to their team.

Beside the AFL which was founded earlier than NFL, but NFL still survived and developed strongly in many years. The organization of NFL tried the best to host tournaments with high quality and good result. So, it was excellent to overcome the rival AFL to become the strongest and most professional football league in the USA. These success made more achievements and frames for this event.

In 1970, NFL and AFL were merged to create the exclusive football league in the USA. This purpose of merger was to enhance strength and profession for clubs and players. From this event, there were total 26 teams to join one league in a year. This name was kept as NFL after the merger deal. 

Also since this merger, NFL was expended four times and also increase the number of new franchises to treat football as an industry with millions of dollars. They transferred among players and heal coaches.

During the development of society, NFL has been changed many rules and regulations to adapt to trends. 

Updated to this decade, one league comprises 32 teams and plays in play-off round to find top the best group to come the final games.

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