Incredible Facts on the 2019 Draft Analysis

Just like many had predicted, the Arizona Cardinals picked Kyler Murray as the position one player in the 2019 NFL games. The choosing of Kyler Murray marked the beginning of the 2019 NFL drafting. With a bit of push and pull in different trades, the Giants and Raiders did not seem to have had the best selections as it was hoped.

However, the Washington Redskins seem to have landed great wins such as Dwayne Haskins from Ohio as a quarterback and Montez Sweat from Mississippi at number 26. Surprisingly some popular players like Drew Lock from Missouri and Jawaan Taylor from Florida were left out in the first draft.

Players Evaluation

Kyler Murray (Quarterback)

Murray has had significant achievements in his career since school, and it was only right for him to be one of the first players to be selected in the first draft. Already recording 4,361 passing yards plus 12 touchdowns, you can be sure that he is headed for a more prominent position in the NFL.

Nick Bosa (Defensive End)

Just like his father John, and brother Joey, Nick is a talented and skilled player. He possesses an undeniable strength and can leverage it to direct his skills in the right direction. Though he was away for most of the 2018 season due to health issues, the player promises to come back better.

Quinnen Williams (Defensive Tackle)

This natural “Athlete from Alabama” is the perfect fit for the Jets who needed an edge rusher but opted for an interior lineman. With Williams being at the top of the list, the Jets needed him as a hope for better days and as a player who can dominate, especially in tackle positions.


The top 32 players to be selected in the first draft with N’Keal Harry closing the list seemed to have been great solutions for their teams. However, only the actual game can ultimately prove their worth.