Top NFL Teams in 2019

With a total of 32 teams on the NFL and over 250 players, there can only be a few in the top three. After comparing various factors here is how the 2019 ranking would look like.

1. The New England Patriots

You could say that the Patriots were ranked as the number one team just because they are the Patriots. However, they are also the defending Superbowl champions. The team has lost fantastic players such as Rob Gronkowski to retirement and Trent Brown in free agency. Yet, they still have Beantown Bradys and Darth Hoodie, who are still exceptional.

2. New Orleans Saints

With many changes happening in the NFL during the off-season, the Saints practically remained the same. This made it easy to predict their performance. Though Mail Ingram, their tailback, and Max Unger left the team, the Saints gained Latavius Murray to replace Ingram, and both Nick Easton and Erik McCoy are great candidates to replace Unger. With the addition of Jared Cook, their weapons just got stronger. In case you want to analyze the statistics for yourself you can check them on espn.

3. The Los Angeles Chargers

This is a team that shows great promise not only in the coming season but also in many more seasons to come. The team won 12 games the previous year and a playoff as well. It is hard to notice any weakness when it comes to the Chargers. They might have lost Tyrell Williams, their wide receiver, to a free agency, but with the likes Jerry Tillery coming in, the team still remains strong.

In summary, the team has an impressive combination of Joey Bosa, Tillery, and Melvin Ingram.


The 2019 list goes on to draft Indianapolis Colts at number four and the Los Angeles Rams at five. All top teams show a significant amount of potential, but there is always room for surprises in the NFL.