3 Teams Most Likely to Win the Next Super Bowl

Every NFL season comes with new hope for a different team to win the Super Bowl. Many fans hold on to the belief that even the last team in the previous season could surprise the rest and somehow take home the title. However, there are always teams that are more likely to stand out than others. Here are the three such teams.

The Chicago Bears

With 19-1 returns and 54 odds, the Bears are likely to take the Super Bowl cup home. The team has the top most ranked defense at 80 yards, which is quite an intact record. With their quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, attracting the MVP title, then fans are really hoping that they will also win the Super Bowl.

However, the only thing that may drag down their performance is them not getting the right kicker. If this improves, the team is on its way to a sure win.

The New England Patriots

With an 11-5 record in 2018, the Patriots seem to be on track to win the super bowl. Though they might have lost Rob Gronkowski, then gaining Demaryius Thomas right after, this looks like a perfect bounce back. If the team maintains their zeal, they might well win the Super Bowl again.

The Kansas City Chiefs

Right from the beginning of his season, the quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been dominating the NFL defenses. This has been a significant advantage to the Chiefs. Though there is room for improvement for the team, their highest number of offense scores in 2018 might have given them the hope of being a Super Bowl winner in the coming season.


The Super Bowl performance can be a bit unpredictable, but we hope that the three teams do not disappoint. In any case, other teams such as the Cowboys and the Eagles also have a significant chance of winning.