Top Five Most Popular NFL Teams

In any NFL season, you will witness different teams trying to maintain their position in the league or climb up the league. However, only the best make it to the most popular teams’ list. Here is a summary of the most popular NFL teams.

1. The Packers

Having won four Super Bowls and taking home 13 championships, the Packers have built themselves a name among the best. Although they are from a small population state, Green Bay, this has not stopped them from collecting thousands of fans across America and beyond.

2. The New England Patriots

Following closely are the Patriots from the Boston. The Patriots are currently recorded as the most outstanding team even though their fan base is a bit lower than the Packers. Practically, you would expect them to be at position one. The Patriots have won over five Super Bowls and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

3. The Steelers

Another great team that will quickly capture your attention is the Steelers. The Pennsylvania team has won 6 Super Bowls, which is currently highest number of wins for a single team. For this reason, its fans protest that the team should be ranked as the best, but other facts do apply when it comes to getting the number one position.

4. The Dallas Cowboys

Though the Cowboys do not have as many wins as the top three listed above, their dynamic skills make them join the favorites’ list at position four. They are also quite competitive.

5. The Eagles

This list would not be complete without mentioning the Philadelphia Eagles. The team draws fans across generations. You will find an entire family proudly wearing the Eagle’s jersey on their way to one of their games. The team is also among the most promising teams, with several wins under their belt.