Facts on the Lowest NFL Score in History

Sports like Soccer do not surprise their fans when there is a 0-0 tie. However, with the NFL being one of the highest-scoring games, having a 0-0 score is so rare that when it happens, it must be recorded in history books. This was the case in the 1943 tournament.

The Scoreless NFL Game

Many will blame the poor performance on the aftermath effect of World War II, while others will ascribe the results to the poor field conditions. Either way, at least one of the teams would have led by a few points, but neither the Giants nor the Lions broke the nil tie. This was the November 7 game.

The day was rainy, and this did not work well with an already destroyed field. The drainage was terrible, and so mud was everywhere, making it hard for players to run or even make decent kicks. You could say that the storm was the perfect stage that provided the right opportunity for a scoreless game.

Both teams would only make 214 yards of offense. Augie Lio, Lion’s kicker, missed three opportunities to make great kicks from 15, 32, and 40 yards. Ward Cuff of the Giants did not have much luck either as he lost his only field goal.

However, though the field did play the biggest part in the zero score, the fact that most players were also not ready is also a fact to consider. With World War II just ending, not many players had taken the time to train or get their best foot forward.


Several games recorded a 3-0 score, but the 1943 scoreless game stands out. Other games have recorded low scores, such as the 26-0 loss of the Bears to Seattle. Today, it is more difficult to have a scoreless game thanks to the better preparation process and advanced fields.