Top 10 kickers in NFL all the time

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NFL becomes a popular sport in the life of the USA. Another way, this game shows off character, culture as well custom of the local when NFL players always express full of energy and support to make final success of team.

From many years recently, NFL also is well-known to other fans around the world. In this article, we continue to collect data about top the greatest kickers in NFL all the time of history. If you are a fan of NFL, following it to see whether your idol is on ranking or not?

8/ Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson is the only kicker to be voted for the Offensive Rookie of year by the Pro Football Writers Association. The truth that he plays at kicker during 20 years with your team from 1992 to 2012. This time is enough big to understand his royalty to his club.

During his career, he reaches 82.4% FG in success rate, 988% in PAT. Estimated he gets 2150 career points in total 327 games of 21 NFL seasons.

He has 2 times for the Pro Bowler titles and one All-Pro in 1997.

7/ Gary Anderson

During the Super Bowl era, Anderson is regarded as the greatest kicker.

Estimated in his career, he has 2 times for championships of All-Pro and 4 times for the Pro Bowler. He has 80.1% for FG of success rated and 99.2% PAT with 353 games in total 23 NFL seasons.

Total 4 titles in Pro Bowler includes in the Pittsburgh in 1982-94, the Philadelphia in 1995-96, the San Francisco 1997 and the Minnesota 1998-2002.

6/ Stephen Gostkowski

Stephen Gostkowski is holding the NFL record for most consecutive PATs with total 523. This perfect performance makes outstanding among other kickers.

Although he only starts his NFL career from 2006, he makes series of achievements such as 2 times for All-Pro and 4 times for Pro Bowler titles.

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