Top 10 kickers in NFL all the time

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In this article, we collect data to have a ranking about top 10 kickers in NFL all the time. The truth that NFL have a long history with many changes and improvements about rules as well records. So, to narrow down a list within 10 greatest kickers is extremely difficult.

There are many factors to determine whether he deserves to become a great kicker or not, including in his performance, total scores or success rates. In addition, players also prove that they do their job well during their career.

1/ Matt Stover

During his career, he has ever joined many big teams such as the New York Giants in 1990, the Cleveland during 1991 to 1995, the Baltimore during 1996 to 2008, the Indianapolis in 2009…

Estimated that he had 83.7 percent FG in success rate and 99.5 percent in PAT. Total titles includes All-Pro in 2000, Super Bowl XXV for giants and Ravens with the highest level. Some experts also expected that Matt Stover became the best kicker for the PAT.

He has ever joined total 297 games in 19 seasons.

2/ Jason Elam

Jason Elam was appreciated highly as one of the greatest kickers during his era. He also is one of the most special when he had until 63 yards for playing but he only was closed with both teams, Denver club during 1993 to 2007 then moving to Atlanta for the season 2008-2009.

He had 80.7 percent FG and 99.4 percent for PAT. He had total about 1893 points. When referring to Elam, almost

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