NFL Trivia Facts

Are you a fan of NFL trivia facts? Do you want to win the next trivia game about the NFL? Then you are on the right website.

Top NFL Teams and baseball players

This section takes you on a walk down memory lane. It contains insightful facts about the most famous NFL teams and baseball players of all time.

The worst score in NFL History

Did you know that there was an NFL match in which the teams had a nil draw? During this match no team scored and the game ended with neither side winning. I know it sounds strange or even absurd but it is true. To find out more go to this section and read for yourself.

Draft Analysis And The Most Popular NFL Teams of 2019

This section analyzes the draft picks of 2019. It analyzes the losses, the wins and the impact of various draft selections on teams. This section also analyzes the most popular NFL teams of 2019. There are also some extra facts on teams that did not make the list but are very promising.

Teams most likely to win the next Superbowl

Are you wondering which teams might win the super bowl? Are you hoping that your team is on that list? Then read this section to find out more.

NFL Teams Value ranking in 2019

American football teams are some of the richest teams in sports. Their value can soar to billions of dollars. The latest rankings are out and this section has a complete list of all the most valuable NFL teams.